September 4th 2022 marked our 35th year in the business of repairing electronics with over 12,000 units repaired.. means retirement...

We're still accepting repairs in the Bow Valley and surrounding areas but will eventually take less as we will more likely retire the business in 2024. We do service Banff, Canmore, Exshaw, Kananaskis and Lake Louise,....all of BC is serviced by our partners in business.

We still offer Television repairs, VCR, CD & DVD players, musical instruments, keyboards, amplifiers, industrial electronics and general electronics repairs. We no longer accept laptops, desktop computers or cellphones for repairs...there are good businesses in Canmore just for that kind of repairs.

Former Authorized Service Centre for Samsung, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic, Philips, Sharp, RCA, Yamaha and more.

Feel free to ask for repairs on any particular unit....send a text message or e-mail. We still repair kettles, toasters, coffee machines...!

403-762-0948  text messages preferred...or e-mail also.